Research into how Homoeopathic remedies work

Now with the help of a machine built by the scientists of Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, experts can show how the homoeopathic medicines actually act. Called as the ‘Medical Analyser’ the unique electronic device can study the time domain variations in the physiological parametres like heart and respiration rate, stroke volume, cardiac output and peripheral blood flow in the upper body parts.

This device not only studies physiological variations, but can produce four parametres from one source and with different software package, explore the possibility of disease characterisation in human body. As part of a multi-centric study, it is now on job to see whether homoeopathic medicines in higher dilution (12th or higher potency) cause any significant change in the autonomic response of our bodies.

According to experts, though medicines of higher potency do not contain even one atom or molecule of the medicinal substance, they are being successfully used to cure diseases for centuries. No specific study has conclusively evidenced difference between the ‘pure solvent’ and the ‘dilution’.

Even reputed journals like ‘Lancet’ has also questioned the ‘scientific basis’ of these facts. So now with the new ‘analysis’ these questions could be answered after a series of studies.

“The machine will be part of a study ‘On actions of homoeopathic medicines and potencies and heart rate variability and blood flow variability’ so that after the immediate use of a homoeopathic medicine, the changes in the physiological parametres can be studied’’, said Principal of city-based Abhin Chandra Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Prof LK Nanda.

“The study is part of a team effort of BARC, Regional Research Institute in Homoeopathy (RRIH), CMP Homoeopathy College, Vile Parle, Mumbai and RRIH, Puri and for the first time it has been used to know the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in the country’’, he added.

“Already 270 volunteers have been short-listed for various tests at the city centre,’’ informed a research scholar.

The high potency medicines, otherwise termed as ‘medicine without material’ act in the same process as we convert an iron material to magnet just after rubbing it on the latter’s surface without transferring any ‘matter’. But the trouble with the explanation is that the magnetic conditions can be tested in a laboratory, but for a homoeopathic medicine the cure is the only ‘proof’. So in future, this new device would help solve the myths and unravel the ‘science’ behind them.

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